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All information is being provided for guidance purposes only.

Customer Care

 The job entails:
  • Dealing with clients personally and over the phone
  • Answering queries of a general nature
  • Guiding and channelling clients to appropriate personnel
Qualifications Required
  • Generally an 'A' level standard of education or an equivalent vocational qualification is required. Other requisites include fluency in spoken English, Maltese and preferably another foreign language.
  • A 'call centre' job can be considered also as one that is relevant to customer care. In this case duties are carried out exclusively over the phone. Standard of education need not be at 'A' Level. However an 'O' level standard accompanied with good telephone skills with fluency in spoken English are basic requirements.

Clerical Jobs

These jobs involve front and /or back office duties. Typical examples would be cashiers, counter clerks and general office clerks. Examples of duties would be as follows:
  • Cashier and / or general counter work
  • Data verification and inputting
  • Account reconciliations
  • General office routines
  • Secretarial work
Qualifications Required Generally these would be the same as those required for 'Customer Care'.

Loan Officer / Analyst

This is a very much sought after job which involves the granting of loans to businesses and consumers. The job involves:
  • Discussing with and /or receiving applications from customers
  • Undertaking of credit analysis
  • Formulating lending proposals
  • Monitoring the performance of lending facilities that have been granted

Being a loan officer requires good communication skills, an ability to understand and analyse business plans, a solid knowledge of how a bank works and the ability to undertake in depth evaluations. It is worth noting that a good number of top management officials in banks performed work as loan officers during their career development.

Qualifications Required Depending on entry level, these would include a relevant undergraduate or equivalent vocational qualification or a relevant tertiary one.

Mortgage Lender

The job involves:
  • Contact with real estate professional and prospective house buyers
  • Processing and analysis of loan applications
  • Monitoring of performance of mortgage lending facilities

Qualifications Required What was already stated in respect of the loan Officer / Analyst generally applies in this case

Corporate Finance / Project Finance Officer The job entails:
  • Helping businesses to raise capital for new projects or to finance current business activities
  • Determining the amount and structure (type) of funds (e.g. shares, loans, bonds etc)
  • Preparing financing proposals

Qualifications Required Depending on entry point one would require a relevant vocational diploma or a universitee degree in banking and finance. More specialised qualifications at post graduates level coupled by work experience would be required for career progression.

Product Advisor / Investment Services Officer / Investment Customer Relations Officer

The job holder could be involved in:
  • Offering investment advice to customers
  • Investment related customer relations work
  • Execution of related transactions

Qualifications Required Besides a University Degree in Banking and Finance or in another relevant discipline, one would require a specialised vocational qualification (related to financial advice) to be able to do this job. Initially the job holder will be working within a team or with colleagues who are specialised in financial advice. This will enable the job holder to gain the required experience.


Trading is one of the most desirable and challenging job in banking since it is directly related to the bank's treasury and portfolio management function. The job holder's responsibilities could include one or several of the following:
  • Undertaking sales and purchases of financial instruments such as shares, bonds, treasury bills (securities trading)
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies (foreign Exchange Trading)
  • Dealing in derivatives (derivative trading)

Qualifications Required The qualifications that are mostly sought include specialised diplomas and University degrees in financial relate subjects. Similar qualifications in mathematics are also favourably considered since traders are usually good at numbers. However trading even at a junior level requires the job holder to be:

  • Fully aware of how the different markets work, depending on the area of specialisation
  • Focussed and alert
  • Intuitive and analytical
  • Able to convince during dealing since it involves a high element of negotiation
  • Capable in delivering required results even when working under pressure.

Lawyer Specialising In Banking

The job entails:
  • Drafting and reviewing alllegal documentation involving the bank (including bank account opening documents, terms and conditions and any other documentation related to any obligations entered into by the bank with its customers,
  • Ensuring that such documentation is updated regularly in order to be in line with the applicable international standards,
  • Being familiar with the various regulatory obligations involving the bank and giving advice on such matters,
  • Representing the bank in the Courts of Malta, and
  • Drafting of correspondence of a legal nature.

Qualifications and Skills Required

  • A Doctor of Laws degree,
  • A warrant to practice as a lawyer, and
  • Possibly a post graduate degree relevant to financial services.
  • A good level of knowledge of the banking sector and its activities.