Jobs For You

This section is intended to give an immediate bird’s eye view of a number of job opportunities that may be available within the financial services market from time to time. For career purposes, these jobs involve different entry points depending on qualifications obtained, personal attributes and past work experience. The Section covers the more popular jobs in banking, investment services, trust services and insurance. Obviously further job openings are possible but these would depend on the manner in which your career progresses. All information is being provided for guidance purposes only.  For specific vacancies one has to access the websites of licence holders, statutory/ regulatory agencies and the various financial services practitioners.  One can do so by utilising the various links provided under the 'Sectors' Section. Another alternative is to access the websites featured under the Resources Section (Useful Links).

As stated elsewhere in this website, the financial services sector offers other jobs that are worthy of consideration. These would be similar to the ones within the market but would be performed within a framework either of Financial Services Regulation or Central Banking or the Stock Exchange. Again these categories of jobs are usually advertised in other areas that are ancillary to the finance sector such as accounting, auditing, specialised legal services, ICT, and tax consultancy. Graduates in Accountancy, Law, Management, and ICT together with undergraduates possessing vocational qualifications in any of these disciplines would be eligible for a number of these challenging jobs. 

Before looking for specific vacancies, it is also recommended that, after browsing through the contents of this section, you proceed to the ‘Career Paths’ Section where more complete information on the different and specific career paths available within the financial services sector can be accessed.

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