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The MFSA Education Consultative Council (ECC)


The MFSA is mindful that the Maltese Financial Services Sector is developing in a manner that it will require employees with enhanced skills beyond academic training. For this reason it has set up an Education Consultative Council which will be referred to as ‘the ECC’ or ‘the Council’.


Membership in the ECC is open to training providers specialising in vocational development that is directly relevant to the financial services sector. Membership is also open to national agencies or bodies involved in the training and guidance of prospective employees in the sector. Besides the MFSA, membership of the Council comprises the:

Malta International Training Centre (MITC)

Institute of Financial Services – Malta (IFS)

Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP)

Institute of Legal Studies (ILS)

Directorate for Educational Services – Education Division (DES)

Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST) through the Institute of Business Management And Commerce

Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) Employment & Training Corporation (ETC) through the Youth Section Castille Institute

Malta Institute of Management (MIM)

University of Malta through the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy (FEMA)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Academy (PwC).

Further representation may be considered by the MFSA but will be subject to the functionality of the Council. Each association or representative body is represented by not more than two members. However, observers are allowed as necessary from time to time during meetings.

The Chairman of the Council, is a professional educator with many years experience in the field and has been nominated by the MFSA's Board of Governors. The MFSA is represented by the Director of its Human Resources and Development Unit. 

The Human Resources and Development Unit of the MFSA is the contact point on matters and issues related to the ECC and provides secretarial support to it.

The Unit can be contacted on telephone numbers: 25485280, 25485539 and 25485365.