Training Providers

The Training providers below are members of the MFSA Education Consultative Council.

















The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)




The MCAST Institute of Business Management & Commerce offers vocational education and training in business, commerce, banking, financial services and marketing. Through academic and practical learning opportunities, it guides students in fostering an entrepreneurial insight and in seeking the required innovation and creativity to succeed in their career. It collaborates with the local financial services sector, with Government and with other local and foreign organisations, to enhance students’ potential for development and employability.           



Contact: telephone (+356) 2398 7600



 The Malta International Training Centre (MITC)




The Centre was established in 1981 and its programmes are geared primarily towards the insurance industry. Since its foundation, the Centre has acquired an excellent reputation for insurance, financial services and risk management tuition.


Contact: telephone (+356) 21230831











The Institute of Financial Services-Malta (IFS)


The Institute of Financial Services Malta, (previously known as the Malta Chartered Institute of Bankers) is at the forefront in the formation of professional financial services practitioners especially in the area of banking, investment services, fund administration and regulatory.


Contact: telephone (+356) 21240335



The Institute of Legal Studies – Malta (ILS)


ILS was set up to meet the growing demand for information about law amongst the legal and commercial communities in Malta. The Institute reaches this goal through education and training: it not only provides practical courses, but also supports research and publishes studies in topical legal areas. The courses run by ILS are open to the public. They can also be tailor-made to the specific requirements of its clients. The blend of academic and practical knowledge in each course varies according to the particular interests and requirements of the participants.



Contact: telephone (+356) 21235406



The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP)   




Originally established in 1989 as the Association of Nominee Companies, the IFSP evolved in its current structure during 1994. The institute’s members are practitioners who work in the financial services sector. It provides a range of specialised training programmes for members and students, depending on qualifications and experience.


Contact: telephone (+356) 2569 6312





Castille Institute




The prime objectives of the Institute are: (1) to facilitate the technical learning and development; (2) to raise benchmarks of quality; (3) reinforce Malta’s pool of talent and (4) to operate as the one-stop-shop for specialised training. The training Institute relies on specialised talent (both international and local) to deliver high quality training in specific areas relevant for practitioners within the sectors of Finance and IT, with competencies to accommodate highly-technical training deliverables also at Executive & Board level.


Contact: telephone (+356) 2093 3100





Malta Institute of Management (MIM)


Founded in 1964, the Malta Institute of Management (MIM) is a non-political, non-negotiating and non-profit making professional body for persons in Malta concerned with and involved in management.

The Malta Institute of Management owes its origin to Malta’s Independence when a group of visionary executives sought to foster the management profession on the island. From its inception, MIM was looked upon as the leading professional body representing managers and leaders in Malta as well as being the main institution that equips professionals with the necessary tools to challenge today’s business environment.

Malta requires managers and leaders that are qualified, constantly trained, supported, and offered the right networking opportunities. Today, MIM plays a leading role in the management profession by serving as a hub for training and education, offering a consultative forum for managers and leaders, and by providing career guidance to prospective managers. MIM supports managers and leaders through its (a) Membership (b) Training & Education (c) Conferences & Events                            


Contact: telephone (+356) 21 456 819



The Malta Institute of  Accountants (MIA)


The Malta Institute of Accountants is the voice of the accountancy professional in Malta providing professional guidance, technical support and continuing professional education to over 2,100 accountants. It is also the only Joint scheme partner with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Malta. The MIA actively takes part in outreach activities with the aim to attract the best talent to the profession and ensuring that their education is holistic.


Contact: telephone (+356) 2258 1900





Enhancing employability by recommending policies and implementing initiatives aimed at empowering, assisting and training jobseekers to facilitate their entry or re-entry into the active employment market, promoting workforce development through skills and competency development, and by assisting employers in their recruitment and training needs. 


Contact: telephone (+356) 2220 1100



Directorate for Educational Services (DES)



The mission of the Directorate for Educational Services is to ensure the effective and efficient operation and the active participation of parents, teachers and students.  This means it assists learners in managing life situations more effectively and acquiring the necessary key competences so as to attain their curricular performance goals while developing holistically as a person.  It ensures the supply and the coordination of vocational and career guidance services, including the implementation of career guidance programmes in the 10 colleges of Malta.  Professionals offer services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age at any point throughout their lives to make educational, training and occupational choices and manage their career.  They also assist students in relation to skill acquisition in making decisions and transitions including those from school to work.

Contact: telephone (+356) 21238788


University of Malta 


The Department of Banking and Finance offers interesting and rewarding undergraduate degrees in Banking and Finance. The courses offered are very popular with the undergraduate students because they offer a solid foundation for the students’ future careers in Banking and Finance Organisation. The programmes in Banking and Finance are updated and improved yearly to make the courses more relevant and interesting for the students. The Honours programmes in Banking and Finance provide students with an excellent background to proceed for the M.Sc. in Banking and Finance or MBA Degree in Finance. Banking and Finance (Honours) students will also be able to start successfully the CFA Qualification. 

The Department of Insurance offers a stimulating and rewarding undergraduate degree in Insurance at the B.Com. and Insurance and Risk Management at the B.Com.(Hons) level. The Insurance programme is very popular with undergraduate students because it provides a solid foundation for the students’ future successful careers in various sectors of the economy mainly in Risk Management, Internal Controls, Actuarial and Insurance Management. The Insurance and Risk Management programme is revised each year to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date with recent developments in the financial markets. It provides students with an excellent background with which to proceed to a M.Sc., M.A. or M.B.A. in any Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Management and Actuarial Studies programmes.


Contact: telephone (+356) 2340 2738; (+356) 2340 3664



PricewaterhouseCoopers Academy


PwC’s Academy is a training and development concept created by PwC for all those who wish to keep up-to date with current professional developments and modern practices.

PwC's Academy is the platform through which PwC channels its long-standing commitment towards promoting technical expertise and professional development. It aims to be the vehicle through which individuals acquire the skills and aptitudes they need to build rewarding careers and realise their full potential. PwC’s Academy offers a varied training programme that includes a mix of technical, business and IT skills. Sessions go beyond theory and aim to be as practical and business-oriented as possible.


Contact: telephone (+356)21 247000




Malta Stock Exchange Institute