Career Paths

This section provides an overview of the career possibilities that are available at different entry levels within the finance sector. It is intended for users who have an advanced degree of awareness of the sector and of its characteristics. Career paths vary depending on the developments and increased sophistication of the sector and skills demands that arise from time to time.

The contents of this section are intended for guidance purposes. It is recommended that users utilise to the maximum the careers sections featured on websites of licensed companies, practitioners and statutory and regulatory agencies that operate in the finance sector. Users are also encouraged to utilise the links provided the ‘Resources’ section of this website.

It is worth remarking that the various careers within the market and the statutory and regulatory areas have common features in so far as knowledge base is concerned. This cannot be otherwise because they all operate within a common sector although in different roles. However before choosing whether to embark on a market oriented career or one which is more related to oversight, supervision and regulation it would be worthwhile assessing one’s personal aptitudes to ensure whether a career as a ‘player’ would be a more fulfilling one than a career as a ‘referee’. Of course one cannot ignore the possibility of first experiencing financial services through employment in the market followed by one in the statutory or regulatory area or vice versa. The ultimate decision would need to be based on how easily one can adapt and work within these two different environments.

Last but not least, one can enter the finance sector through careers that are on the operational side as opposed to the technical one. In this regard this section refers to career possibilities in areas such as ICT, human resources, marketing, auditing and general administration (among others).

A final aspect to consider is that the attainment of qualifications at vocational or first degree level is simply a key thanks to which one can enter the finance sector. It is only through a mix of work experience and formal specialisation that a career in the finance sector can be furthered.