About this web site

This career information website is an initiative involving private training providers, professional associations and  public sector agencies who are members of  the Education Consultative Council (ECC) of the Malta Financial Services Authority. The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and Finance Malta also extended their tangible support towards this project.
With financial services being identified as one of the pillars of Malta’s economy in the coming years, the need has been felt to promote careers in this sector even more comprehensively and consistently. Therefore, this web site aims to eliminate a number of popular misconceptions about the finance sector.  This is being stated particularly with regards to entry requirements (in relation to levels of academic qualifications), job opportunities and possibilities for career development.

This web site complements the career promotion efforts being undertaken on an on-going basis by the ECC together with a number of stakeholders at a national level. These stakeholders include employers, educators, training providers and career promotion agencies. This website aims to extend information to different categories of users for whom a career in financial services may be relevant for some reason or another.  A number of life-based short video clips are also included under the 'Videos' section. 

Using this website

The web site as a whole has been set up to meet the needs of the following categories of users:

Secondary school students,
Post secondary school students,
University and other students at tertiary level,
Parents and career advisors, and
- Persons seeking re-employment.

There are also embedded navigational directions so that each of the above categories of users can get the best out of the information that is included. Of course, one remains free to navigate in an autonomous manner particularly if the main interest is to look immediately at what jobs could be available.  If this is the case, one can access the 'Jobs for You' section straight away to get a quick overview.  Should a user take this option he /she has to keep in view that the jobs indicated are NOT actual vacancies but examples of potential ones that may occurr from time to time within the different areas of the finance sector.  These examples are featured to assist the user to become familair with the type of jobs that can be offered.  They can also be used for carrer planning.  Actaul vacancies can be accessed through the various links that are available in the website.