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Recommended Qualifications by Sector

The financial services sector provides work for people with ‘A’ level passes and for others with vocational qualifications at different levels and also University Degrees or equivalent Diplomas. The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, the University of Malta, a number of specialised private training providers and private colleges representing Universities of repute mostly in the UK offer an extensive range of courses that are relevant to all the components within the finance industry and its supporting structures.

In line with its duty to ensure that financial services providers are well qualified to provide their services, the MFSA compiles an extensive list of qualifications that carry favourable consideration when it assesses the competence of the work force within the sector. The qualifications that are featured are intended to offer an idea idea of what to look for once you have established the career you wish to follow.

Click on the links below to download files in Excel format of these qualifications.

Recommended Qualifications by Sector:

  The lists above are not exhaustive ones since new courses and training programmes are periodically created to meet fresh demands set by the industry.  Therefore these lists are to be referred to for guidance purposes only.  There are also a number of training providers over and above those included in this website who offer a variety of relevant training programmes. Therefore it is always advisable to keep up to date through added personal research through different sources.  It is also recommended to ensure that foreign qualifiactions are duly accredited by the Malta Qualifications Council Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) which forms part of the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE).  For more information on MQRIC kindly visit the NCFHE website, which can be accessed through the Resources Section by clicking on 'Useful Links'.

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