Getting Started

Personal Requirements

Finance is a sector that has people as its most valuable resource. However, if you want to succeed you’ll need to be focussed, flexible, energetic, hard-working, willing to learn and grow and have a positive attitude towards work, your colleagues and your customers. Developed verbal and non verbal communication skills and willingness to work within a team are other qualities that are very much valued within the sector.

All the above qualities can be developed even while at secondary school. After all, a successful scholastic career requires dedication, maturity and willingness to develop. Effective management of time, two way communications with teachers and fellow students, a good standard of spoken and written English and, most of all active involvement in extracurricular activities, be it sport, drama or voluntary work are the foundation of a successful working career in financial services later on in life. This foundation should and can be laid even while at school.

Development of the above personal requirements at an early stage makes the taking of open-minded career related decisions easier. This can happen after researching and analysing in an orderly manner all background information and after considering the opinions of parents, guidance officers and, where necessary, even well-meaning friends.